Use of  the level-switch

Radio frequented delimiteres are being installed as upper and/ or lower level-switches for the control of occupation of the silo cell, matrial hopper of (scales packing machine), or different storage areas for granular sa well as powder materials, where is very important the control of lower as/or upper limit of occupation.

Radio frequented delimiter RFG can be connected to the existing system of automatic management of transfer lines and manufacturing processes. Depending from the technological needs, a connection of existing light and sound signalization can be accomplished, as an information of the boundary occupation level. Parts of radio frequented delimiterare made from materials that are dust resistant, and the electronis is protection in the sealed box.

Delimiter RFG has a sensor in a for of a bar, which can be a lenght from minimum 100mm up to maximum 2500mm. The instalation is perfomed horizontaly and/or verticaly, depending from the shape and dimensions of the installing area. Depending on the technological requests, the shape of the probe can be adapted to the specific use.

Technical characteristics



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