Device for precise dosage of aditives in milling and food industry

Due to diferent quality of wheat that is occuring in our fields, there is a need of adding different kinds of additives in the process of flour production. In the consultation with expert services in milling industry, we have made a device for precise dosage of additives in the proces of flour production. Considering the fact that the capacity of mills are different, the dosage of additives are also different. The dosage is movimg in the range from few hundred grams, up to a few kilograms per hour of mill working, and sometimes even more.
Based on all that, we hade made a device that has a wide range of dosage from 300g up to 100kg per hour of mill working and if needed, even more.

The device is made from inox metal (acid resistant). In the standard version, 25kg of dosage matrial can be putted into the material hopper of the doser.

The material hopper of the doser, as well as amount of meterial for dosing can be adapted to the request of the user.

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