Handy (Manual) Terminal HT-1


Handy Terminal HT-1 is a small, but strong mobile device for temperature measuring in silos, floor warehouse, or any other warehouse. Wide variety of performances gives the possibility of measuring the temperature even there, where it is not possible to build in a fix system for temperature measuring – silo thermometer. The already  existing part of the equipment can be used, which makes a big saving in the investment.

  1. Has a matching EX certificate
  2. The operating system of Handy Terminal HT-1 provides and easy handling and maintenance of the device trough the LCD touchscreen
  3. A simple user interface provides a fast access to measured and stored data.
  4. The measuring equipment is stored in a housing that has an ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to hold in one hand.
  5. The device can easily be connected  on new or the existing heads of the thermo-suspender with an adequate equipment. (Level of protection IP68)
  6. It contains time and date of real time, and the high capacity battery enables it to work for 8 hours.
  7. The capacity of the intern-storage enables storage of a big amount of measurments, and the later overview of it and/or transfer to the PC
  8. The number of levels, and the length of the probe are made by the request of the user, and they can be stationed as well as mobile. The number of the measurement probes is not limited.

Basic technical characteristics: 

  1. The number of supported silo cells is unlimited
  2. The number of devices on one object is unlimited
  3. Working time of the device is 8 hours
  4. Battery is rechargeable trough USB port
  5. High resolution touchscreen
  6. Transfer of the information on PC is trough USB port
  7. Software on PC Computer automatically recognizes the device and activates the values

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