Portable measuring device MTU-1

Due to bigger exspansion of the small agricultral household and construction of small storage areas (floor warehouses) where is not posible to install a fixed system for temperature measuring, there is a need for simple and cheap temperature measurer MTU-1. Because of that request we have made a portable temperature measurer MTU-1. Mesuring device is simple for handling and therefore the control of the temperature of stored product is easy and fast.

Mesuring device probe can be:

  • Flexible with lenght up to 6m (for transport the probe is being rolled  into circle with a diameter of 80cm)
  • Made from stainless steel pipe (acid resistant), with lenght of 3 m, which is decomposable to 1,5m.
  • Stainless steel probe with maximum lenght of 2m (the lenght is limited because of the transport)

Number of measuring spots for mesuring of the temperature is from minimum 1, up to maximal 6 measuring
spots, depending from the choice of the type measuring probe. Measuring spots are arranged equally along
the measuring probe or have the investor demands.

Reading of the temperature is performed on an LCD display, and the selction of the measuring spots is with
manual switch.

For power supply of device, a battery of 9 Volts is being used.

All electronics is installed into the housing device, and therefore it is protected from external influence.


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