Temperature mesurment

The control of temperature in warehous is one of the essential factores, so the quality of stored products, as well as the quality of final product could be maintained.

Besides quality of products, a high leval of protection against fire and explosions are necessary. Our device for measuring the temperature in warehouse provide all 3 factors on a high level of control .

Temperature mesurer saves energy, because when measuring the temperature, it is lowering the number of elevating, which used to be until now much higher.

Measuring the temperature is very importent for public warehouses and for storing temperature for Republic main office a product reserve.

With our measuring system You are saving on :

  • electrict energy by reducing number of elevating
  • electrict energy by turning on only certain devices for ventilation and cooling of the storage area where a rise of temperature is being detected.
  • the number of fumigation of products in storage areas is lowered,
  • saving on amortization of machines as well as on the peripherial equipment for relocating the product by high temperature (elevators, transport roads…)
  • lowerd cost of maintainance and overhaul of machines and equipment in the storage areas,
  • lowered breakage of stored grain…

Characteristics of temperature measurer MT-1:

  • slika silotermometraEx protetcion Ex II 2(1)D IP66 T125°C multipexer,
  • Ex protetcion Ex II 1D IP66 T125°C probe,
  • supported head of the cord of the termo hanger has an IP65 leval of protection
  • services of measuring probe is possible in full storage areas also,
  • display of results of measurment on the distribution cabinet and/or on the computer by the request of the investor (LAN, WiFi, RS485…)
  • unique software with easy handling,
  • the measurer is easy extandable-modular system of instalation (upgrading of new silotermometeres)
  • simply and easy heandling with measuring device…

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